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Eating Right and Staying Fit

Fitness is becoming quite a popular pastime with many American’s nowadays. People want to take care of their body by working out and eating healthier. Whether a person is newly introduced to the fitness world or is a specialist, it is commonly known that in order to be fit and stay healthy you must have […]

Stay Healthy Through Knowledge

The internet is a great resource for many things, including health information.  Just a few keystrokes away is information that can help you to get a grasp on what you need to help solve whatever problem you may have, whether it be related to insurance, a medical condition, proper prognosis, etc. Next time you need […]

Finding Natural Alternatives to Conventional Health Remedies

When a person is sick, they often first go to the doctor or purchase over-the-counter drugs to make themselves feel better again. Many don’t realize that there are other, and often better, ways to help cure certain ailments with healthy remedies that are all natural. These other methods are all apart of alternative healing. Whether […]

Tincture Information

The five most common ways of taking herbs: Eaten fresh Dried, powered and then encapsulated Brewed as teas As tinctures As low-alcohol, live-concentrated tincture/extracts The concentrated tincture/extract method is the most effective.   Taking fresh herbs is difficult for several reasons. First, it is nearly impossible to get or even find many of these herbs […]

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