Stay Healthy Through Knowledge

The internet is a great resource for many things, including health information.  Just a few keystrokes away is information that can help you to get a grasp on what you need to help solve whatever problem you may have, whether it be related to insurance, a medical condition, proper prognosis, etc.

Next time you need to learn of what the “birthday rule” is in regard to health insurance, or figure out the best type of eyewear for you, check out the numerous online resources that exist to assist.

Here are some tips related to Health Info and Resources:

  • Types of Sore Throat:  Having a sore throat is never fun.  There are numerous aids to help you with your sore throat.  Finding the proper treatment is based on the cause of the sore throat.  Some sore throats are precursors to cold or flu, and sometimes they are a result of independent viral or bacterial infections.  Also, a low humidity winter or too much yelling at a sporting event can cause a sore throat.  
  • Diagnosis:  Though you should always consult a doctor first about any health issues, there is a great informational tool that can help you do a self-diagnosis.  This great online resource is known as WebMD.  WebMD has a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily access tons of useful medical information that you wish to seek.
  • Health Insurance Information: It seems that the more one looks into health insurance, the more confused they can get.  There always seems to be more questions than answers.  A great online resource is available to help answer your questions, it’s called  They have formatted their site to be easy to use and very accessible.APPLE-WATER

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Don’t take information from just any website.  Take into consideration how reputable and established the site is.  Information on sites that are selling something should be treated as any other “commercial”. Look for product review and always talk to a doctor before trying anything new. Any food storage store can provide healthy foods that can heal many diseases, but you should consult your doctor before assuming that you can be cured just by eating certain foods.


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