About Health & Herbs

12032007_420959384774745_910939301070393071_nHealth & Herbs is based out of Albany, Oregon. We are Christian natural health professionals committed to helping ALL people to better health through God, healing, education and manufacturing the highest quality tried-and-proven organic herbal and natural health products. We are a small family operated company, not a multi-level corporation and our prices are lower than average. We are “Your Complete Health and Herb Source” for practitioners, stores and individuals alike. Courteous service and professional support are backed by many years of experience and knowledge in the health food industry. We give clear, concise information to help people understand how nature works at healing, cleansing, and strengthening the body.



At Health & Herbs, we are committed to guiding you to better health through education and superior products. We represent tried-and-proven organic herbal products formulated and produced over the past 56 years by our 3 generations of herbalists Bishop Dr. Truman Berst, his daughter, Crystal Sublette-Maceira and her daughter, Brittney Haywood.

So please, call, click or come on in and see us and let us know how we may help you!

Good Health To You!